Reading Journal

May 13,2014

Dear Ms.Sara,

I am reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K.Rowling,chapter 3.The chapter is called Malfoy's Secret.In this chapter Harry goes to Number 12 Grimald Place to visit George and Fred's (Ron's twin brothers) shop.When Harry,Hermione and Ron are walking they find Malfoy who insults them,Harry gets angry and insults Malfoy's mother.Then they discover Malfoy has a big secret and they try to find it.If I was Harry I would follow Malfoy everywhere with the invisibility cloak because he wouldn't notice Harry was following him.My favorite part was when George and Fred gave Harry  free extendable ears because they are thanking Harry for helping them open the famous shop.I think the author (J.K.Rowling) wrote this chapter so we learned to be thankful and were curiosity can drive us to.I predict Harry will follow Malfoy everywhere and he will find Voldemort during that.I loved this chapter a lot.Thanks,thanks again for reading my journal.


                                                                                                                            Laura Elisa