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The purpose of this blog it to collect information related to online education and what I found to be helpful information. As the online community is becoming more and more it's important to have a idea of what it available and how to use the online tools. These are blogs I have found to be very helpful as I continue my online education.

This blog is from a well know educational source and gives teachers personal references and experience. As a individual who has not taught yet I find this blog very useful because it gives ideas for each aspect of the classroom.

Just as the previous blog, this information comes in handy when searching for other blogs pertaining to more of a specific area. The top educational blogs are ranked and placed based on social media and context. Since social media plays a huge role in the online community I found this to be valuable.

The point of this blog is the resources. The author spends the time to find the other educational help and resources, which allows the reader to come to one source and have the information available.

As a future instructor I found this blog to be very helpful. It starts with naming the top best teacher blogs which is a useful source all in its own. The blogs are then are broken into four categories: Social, Activity, Authority, and Teach Score. Each component is necessary to be a quality information blog. Being new to the online learning community as an instructor I was able to use the rating of blogs to find the type of activities or lessons for the current subject material.  The benefit to this blog is for someone starting a teaching career it opens the doors to many other blogs related to education and social media, from parental blogs to administrator’s blogs. 

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