The One Decision Campaign

« Making One Decision can mean the difference between being infected and staying infection free»

The famous social network, Facebook, has joined the fight against sexually transmitted diseases with its One Decision Campaign. This campaign encourages Facebook users, but mostly Young people, to learn more about STD by sharing a lot of relevant information and to talk openly about sex in a creative and a respectful environment. People who visit the Facebook page are encouraged to share a personal anecdote about when and how they realized it was important to practice safe sex. They can also share their ways they plan to do so to inspire others and give them brilliant ideas. People who share the most passionate, creative and inspiring stories will receive valuable pizes such as a free Apple iPad. The Facebook page shares a lot of significant and shocking statistics just as « Everyday in America 10000 teens catch a sexually transmitted disease». There are also a lot of tests posted on the page to test people's knowledge and to share the facts and the answers to inform them. « Having an STI puts youth more at risk for HIV. Almost half of the U.S.'s over 19 million STI infection each year occur in youth ages 15-24. A recent study found out that one in four young women ages 15-19 has an STI », shares the One Decision Campaign Facebook page. They also give free and accessible conferences in many public places and events about AIDS/HIV to inform and also to shock people. The dates and details about these conferences are posted as well on their wall.

The Facebook users post their ideas and the way they practice safe sex on the One Decision Facebook page, such as abstaining from alcohol, using condoms, take an HIV/AIDS test with their partner and many others. Talking about sex with people who have experience, such as your parents and also with people who are infected can be a shocking but effective way to realize how important it is to protect and to inform yourself. The campaign also encourages people to take HIV/AIDS test. « Only 45% of the American adults have ever taken one », shares the Campaign page. They also posted the link of a website where it explains the importance of the HIV/AIDS test to stamp out the disease. The website gives an example of an entire senior class of 80 students that are going to be getting tested for HIV in an University in San Francisco.

Other facts about sexual transmitted infections that are shared on the facebook page...

« One out of 4 women and one out of 5 men have no knowledge about their sexual partners history »

« There are over 15 000 000 new cases of STIs a year »

« One out of 4 teens will contract an STI in their life »


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