Moda Soul

The 60's


The men began to use perfect suits for the soul and also they started listening to groups like The Beatles and Spotnicks. In the sixties the pauldrons ended up by triumphing, the chaquetillas, the drapeados, the high necks and shoes were worn in addition with soles of stainless steel and beautiful necklaces of rates.

The women used the bangs, the steering wheels and the level post-hippies.


The woman, first, was submitting to her hair to a process to mark the curls, and finally they needed a dose of brilliantine. The do-rag refers to the pieces of fabric that got tied up to the way corsair, holding the hair to support the waves in his site during the day and to prevent the dampness from changing the hairdo. Percy Sledge was the last artist of his time.


At the end of the 50's women chose the thin and sharp-pointed shoes of heel; the heels of needle; of great elegance and femininity. In the 60's the Cuban heels began to be worn. In the some 80's the mens began to use the slippers of basketball high-tech.

Hippie Style

It was born in the year 1960 in The United States. The hippies listened to psychodelic rock, groove and folk rebellious, and believed in the free love.It supported the sexual revolution.

The style hippie is characterized by the used colours, accessories and for the happiness in people's gown, also for the use of elements that look like nature. Broad boot trousers, which marked trend over the 60's and 70's. The trousers with straight cut of broad boot are a perfect example of this fashionable type. The dresses or long skirts up to the feet, had to be colourful and enterteining. It was an example of the Hippie Style. In the winter there were the use the flat boots, simple style, with bangs and materials as the chamois. On the other hand, in the summer the hippies used sandals of Roman style.

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