This is the country I am doing it is Spain and its capital is Madrid.


In Spain they use the Euro. The exchange rate is for every 1 Euro it is 1.14 US dollars.

Exports and Imports

The top 5 exported products are cars, refined petroleum, packaged medicaments, vehicle parts, and delivery trucks.

The top 5 imports are crude petroleum, refined petroleum, vehicle parts, petroleum gas, and packaged medicaments.

Major Cities

The three biggest cities are Madrid 3,255,944 people, Barcelona 1,621,537 people, and Valencia 814,208 people.

Tourist Attractions

Running of the bull is held in the city of Navarra. People during this run in front of a dozen bulls that have been let loose in the streets. This is just held in the middle of the festival.

Palacio Real is located in Madrid and it is the household of the King of Spain even though they don't really stay there. People come here because it is beautiful.

La Concha is located in San Sabastian and it is argued to be the best city beach and there is a lot of good restaurants along the beach.


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