Louis Armstrong

A Famous Trumpet Player

Louis Armstrong was a loyal, talented, and active man. He was born August 4, 1901. He played the trumpet since he was 11 and went on to be in multiple famous jazz bands. He went with many other bands and went all around the world. Since he was so famous he earned many catchy nicknames and he even published the song "What a Wonderful World." But the fame had ended when he died in NY on July 6, 1971.

He was a nice and loyal man who had a wife named Lilith. He was an active man who had gone to Egypt and to many other places and he was a singer. I think he was a funny old man who had a unique type of singing called skat. At a young age he made multiple bad choices. He was a very talented trumpet player who was in multiple big bands and that is why he is remembered in Black History.

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