Instant Payday Network Review

is it possible to make money with instant payday network?

I am going to do an Instant Payday Network review today because a lot of people out there still don't know about how Instant Payday Network works. Lets go over some information about me real quick so you can get a better scope of me totally not being an internet marketing guru lol. I am a 29 year old marine corps vet from the Iraqi freedom campaign, I am currently enrolled at the state university studying Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, and I am working nearly full time as a server at a thai restaurant... Now this is what I consider my other job and it has began to pay off I'll upload a screen shot of my payments from Instant Payday Network .

How I found Instant Payday Network

Well This is kind of annoying, So I spend an hour writing this review and I just tried to move a headline above it and went to re paste my code and well it was completely not copied. MICROSOFT! Why does your ctrl + c not work on DELLS! BOO!

Anyway my post was about me- I am basically a 29 year old USMC Vet from Iraqi Freedom, I am studying Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at my state university, I am working nearly full time as a server at a thai restaurant and I decided to stumble across Instant Payday Network one drunken night before having to move to a different apartment complex. I had wanted to stop paying rent and start paying a mortgage years ago, but the cards didn't fall that way. I had decided to sign up for instant payday network because I thought it was a good way to make extra income. It turns out it was! I have earned at least my text books cost this semester and I completely stopped promoting for about 1.5 months! I started instant payday network by saying well woopty doo I can spend some time doing all of the hassle of completing my requirements for free or I can spend $10.00 and be done with all of it which is exactly what I did :) Which is a good thing too because with in a weeks time I got my first referral and payment of $58.00 so I was way ahead of my initial cost right away. I have decided that this is probably the best hassle-free way to make money online and it's just awesome I love it!

6 Instant Payday Network Review ideas

First : Remember that nothing in life is ever 100% free... you have cost of time, cost of money, cost of freedom, cost of ... etc. Instant payday network will not make you rich over night.

Second : the back office of Instant payday network seems a little lame on graphics but it has a free auto-responder and a stats page where you can set up your own campaigns, change capture pages, or add your own auto-responder. It really does have a lot of features and it's fun to see your leads coming in

Third : Instant payday network has a super awesome facebook training fan group that gives you tons of advice on getting free referrals, most of the successful leaders of the group haven't spend any money on advertising the entire time they have been promoting instant payday network

Fourth : I would recommend not signing up for empower network which is labeled as the *Bonus* of instant payday network after you complete the instant payday network sign up process.. I tried empower network and it's way to hyped up for me , I don't even see that many empower network blogs ranking anywhere on google except very rarely... If you want to see proof that my blog is ranking for a major internet opportunity type in CB Passive Income into google and look for the first pure leverage blog you see. I am currently on top of page 2 all I need is one more slot to get to page one :) I'm excited lol.

Fifth : I would definitely recommend checking out pure leverage just click on the button below to find out more about it. I have used it for several purposes and it is much better than just signing up with word press if you want to blog. *Blogging is still the best way to make money on the internet*

Sixth : If you join Instant Payday Network from this page and you complete the sign up requirements remember I did all of my requirements within a few minutes for just $10.00 a little longer if you want to keep it all free. I will give you $20.00 just for completing the sign up process. Now that automatically puts you in a profit position of $10.00 just for joining Instant payday Network . I don't know of any other online opportunities where you can make legitimate money just by joining a program. Instant Payday Network offers you the ability to provide this bonus to others if you so choose :) If you are interested in checking out instant payday network for yourself click on any of the buttons :)

Here are 2 images of some payment histories that I have decided to add just left click and slide the mouse left or right to view each one :)

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