What was trench life like?

Mason D Dominick C

Men in trenches during war
Abandoned trench during war

Trenches were used a lot in ww1. The trenches wet protected by barbed wire fence. The land in between the trenches was called no mans land. German trenches were 12ft deep, and by the end of the war each side had dug 12,000 miles of trenches. Finally trenches were infested with millions of rats on both sides.

What part did zeppelins play in ww1?

Zepplins were invented by Count Ferdinand Von Zepplin.Zepplins were 776ft long, and could hold 105,000m3of heluim.They dropped bombs and were used for spying.They could carry up to 4,400 thousand pounds of bombs.They were not very good because they could be shot down easily, and they would catch fire and blow up.

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