Career Reserch

Michael Nelson

This is a great college for people that are hands on. If you like carpentry then go to this college.

Necessary Job Skills

1. Math Skills

2. Critical Thinking Skills

3. Mechanical Skills

4. Computer Skills

Education requirements

1. Right out of high school

Description of School

Midwest tech School is a good school for people who wan't to do carpentry. The education is good and It will help you in the long run. If you like Carpentry I would highly recommend going to this college.

Words I live by

Mr. D is my role model.

  He is a hard working man that works at GHS. He was a carpenter for about twenty years then decided to be a teacher. He is very good at what he does. He is my role model because he is just like me. We both like to get the job done right. He is a really good role model.

    Mr. D is a great teacher at GHS because he is hard working. He is very hands on likes to do his job. I hope that someday I will be just like him. Mr. D made a lot of money being a carpenter and I believe that I can do the same.


    The first article states the toughest parts of the job. "One of the most time consuming aspects of my work has been machining and hanging doors." This part of the job is what takes the most time to do. In order to be a carpenter you have to really precise on what you do. Every inch counts when it comes to carpentry.

     The second article talks all the different types of carpentry. "Here in Southern Oregon, often times the framing crew is also the building wrap, trim, siding, and window/door installation crew." There are many different jobs you can do as a carpenter. You can make cabinets,door,siding,trim and muchmore

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