Mobile Apps

Using them in the Classroom


Duolingo is a free language learning app. Having used it, it is a handy tool for learning and practicing a new language. Users can set their own goals and can work towards them. It currently has several languages that you can choose from.

You could use this app in a school setting in a French or Spanish class, for example. Students can set their own goals and track their progress as they learn.


Using woices, you can create an audioguides describing a location. You can also use it to listen to guides made by other people.

In a Social Studies class students could use it to create an audioguide for the community they live in or a specific site where they live. They can research the history and share it with others.


Using fotobabble you can take a picture and then narrate a story that goes along with that picture.

In a Language Arts class the students could create a short story that includes the elements of the photo taken. Then can use different voices for different characters to help their story come alive.

Google docs

Using Google docs you can easily share and access documents online. They can be edited in real time by those who have the document shared with them and are allowed to edit it.

This mobile app can be used in about any classroom setting that uses group work. All students in the group can access the same document and work together to make changes and get the document ready.


Mobl21 is an app that allows you to create lessons or review materials that can be accessed on your mobile device.

Students can use this as a study guide. For example, the teacher could create flash cards with math problems that the students could use to practice their math skills.

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