Exploration Proposal
By:Paul Yang                                                                        Block : 4


We have a problem, Louis the 14th, all significant countries are looking for riches, spices, land, and wood. And if we don't start soon, we'll be left in the dust, forgotten. Its a great way to earn money, gain dominance and supremacy over other countries.


It will be a long journey to North America I will need 120 men with 4 ships with 30 men each , and enough food for 2 months to make the voyage into southwestern North America. The journey would be hazardous, but Spain will not fail.

Main Priority

Our main priority is to be at North America in a maximum of 2.5 weeks, while we are there we will attempt to discover gold, spices, and claim land. If we succeed, then we will swiftly deliver 60% of our wealth into your hands.

Plan B

If we don't find gold, there is numerous numbers of trees that we could cut down and get wood from which would still make a lot of money. We could also look for unique spices that could be sold for a profit. There are many options to making money, but some are more reliable than others.


If we encounter trouble, we will try to negotiate, if they refuse, then we fight. It will cost us 40 people at most, because we have an advanced assortment of weaponry unlike the American Indians. And if something happens on the way here, just know that we are prepared for the slightest mishap or setback.


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