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Uruguay is located on the right side of south america.

Type of Goverment

Uruguay has constitutional republic type of government like the U.S.A. These groups are separated into three types of government. Judicial branch, Executive branch, and the Legislative branch. Their President is Jose Mujica.

Uruguay  Climate

The climate rarely goes below freezing. It is a warm temperate place. The country's mild climate is warm within a temperature. December through March is normally about 70-degrees. Rains the most in months of March and October. The warmest month is January. Also it has its natural hazards such as floods, gusting high winds, droughts, and changes in weather fronts.


The terrain is mostly long rolling plains. It also has low hills that are covered with  plains. The terrain has lots of fertile soil on the coastal low lands and has long everlasting beaches. Most is low-lying landscape which is 3/4 of grassland; perfect for cattle and sheep raising. Uruguay has no volcanoes and no mountains.


Uruguay's main Exports are meat 19%, leather 9.4%, rice 7.2 %, automobiles 68%, dairy products 5.5%, and textile yarn 5%.

Uruguay's main imports are food 9.0%, consumer goods 17.4%, oils 15.4%, industrial supplies 31.9%, machinery 16%, and transports 10.4%.

Uruguay's money is used in pesos. 20 pesos= one united states dollar. The money currency is $U. The amounts of money are 1,2,5 in coins. $U20, $U50, $U100, $U200, $U500, $U1000, $U2000, $U5000 dollar bills.

Tourist Attractions

Uruguay's biggest and most visited tourist attractions have made many land marks for Uruguay. Here are the main ones. The Palacio Salvo.This building is a large Italian and Gothic type of building.

Casapueblo is a house that was turned into a museum, also a hotel. It is home to an artist that survived a crash landing into the ocean on flight 571. He now claims it his home.

Centenario Stadium is a soccer field. It was built in July 8, 1930 to hold the world cup in. The foundation stone was built in 1929.

Uruguay's Main Holidays

Carnival is one of their many holidays that Uruguay has and it is maybe the most widely known. It's made up of two huge remarkable parades. The capitol of Uruguay Montevideo is where Carnival comes alive the most . The parades in the capitol names are Desfile de Carnival and Desfile de Llamadas. This holiday takes place February 20.

Another main holiday is  National Independence day which is on August 25. Uruguay and like other countries shut down school and other businesses and celebrate the day Uruguay became free.

History of Uruguay/ Interesting Facts

All of south America was inhabited by the Native Americans. They were called Idigenous Indians. Until an European explorer named Juan Diaz de Solis. He and his crew came in the 1516's, his welcoming was unfriendly and he and a lot of his crew were killed by Indians. Then in 1680 the Portuguese were able to found a colony on the river of River Plate. It was made directly across from the Spanish controlled settlement of Buenos Aires. In response, the Spanish established Montevideo as a military stronghold. They used this place or capitol of Uruguay had a harbor and port and soon the settlement became the capitol of the country. Montevideo is the capitol also because its rapid growth of people in the settlement and is now the biggest city in Uruguay.

Uruguay is name after the river named Uruguay River. Uruguay means"river of the painted birds." Uruguay's national anthem is the worlds longest national anthem. Uruguay's people call them self people from the east. In Uruguay cows out number people 3:1.

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