February Conference

by Audrey  palmer


On my SIR score  I got 699. I needed to get 600 to be proficient.

One thing  I need to work on dust of snow because I got a 5/10.  I am not on grade level.                      One thing I am good at is vocab I got a 9\23. On my MLK JR  I got a 8\10. I did well on that.On Let it Snow I got a 5/11. one of the things I need to work on is the  let it snow.


On writing one thing I am doing pretty good on is my History witting.I got a12/19. One thing I need to work on my news ELA I got a 2.:|. On my social studies test I got a 24/30. I did good on that. That is probroly the best score I have. On my settlers and indians I got a 2:}. I didn't do very good on it.



On math Three things  I did good on math is my math problems. I got 10/10. I also got a 5/5 on my add and subtract fractions. Also on less or grater fractions I got a 4\4.On my long division i got a 4\10. on my multiply and divied I got a 2/5. On my times testes I am on my 7/12.

social studies

chapter 4 unit test I got a 16\18. That is a grate score for me. On my unit test 8 I got a 24/30. witch is another good score for me.


I am learning about space.I leaned that it take 24 hours  for the moon to go around the earth . and some about facials.


I think I need to work on to be a good friend.  I am doing good at listing in class.

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