Come visit North Carolina

Here is why I think you should visit North Carolina. First of all you might want to see the state bird or the state flower. The state bird is the cardinal and the state flower is a dogwood. You might want to see mount Mitchell. Did you know it is the highest point in North Carolina. The states nickname is Tar Heel State. A famous person from there is Kellie Pickler and she is a famous country singer. The population is 8,049,313. That is how many people live in North Carolina. North Carolina is the 12'th state. You could go

there and see the Write brothers monument from when they had a successful flight. The capital of North Carolina is Raleigh. The largest city there is Charlotte. The population of Raleigh is 405'000. It is in the Northeast. 3 major cities there are Ashville Charlotte and Wilmington. The elevation of Mt. Mitchell is 6,684. I hope you go and see all of those sights.

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