Henry Doorly Zoo by Michael  C

Henry Doorly Zoo is one of the top zoos in the USA.  It opened  in 1884. The Henry Doorly Zoo was founded by the city of Omaha. It is located on 3701 S 10th street in Omaha, Nebraska.

The Henry Doorly Zoo is 130 acres. 

The Zoo open in 1894. The Henry Doorly  Zoo was founded by the city of Omaha. River view Park was established by the city in 1894. It had a number of animals donated by William Cody. The collection of animals has developed into the Henry Doorly Zoo.

In 1963 Marget Hitchcock  Doorly, wife of Henry Doorly, donated $750,000 to the Zoo only if they name the Zoo after her late husband.

The Henry Doorly is home to more than 13,000 animals.   There are 962 different types of animals including 181 types of fish, 176 types of invertebrates, 42 types of amphibians, and  44  types of endangered animals.

Go to the Henry Doorly Zoo because it is one of the top zoos ever!