Social Improvement

As Larry, a CEO of a nursing facility knows, an increase in the number of jobs that pay decent wages is one of the most critical components of getting more people out of poverty. Larry's background includes several years as a drug intervention officer in the Jefferson Parish Department of Juvenile Services, where he developed and supervised a program that included diversion, prevention, and drug screening of adolescents, and several more years as Deputy Director of Outpatient Services at the Jefferson Parish Human Services Authority, where he assisted in the supervision and operation of three substance abuse clinics and two mental health clinics.

Larry has demonstrated a long concern and involvement with serious social issues. It was disturbing to read that the United States ranked toward the bottom of international listings of developed countries and their dealing with such issues as health care, income inequality, pre-school education, and child poverty. Programs like Social Security, food stamps and the earned-income tax credit have helped to ease the strain of poverty on some forty million Americans.

Larry Stansberry New Orleans is a longtime health care administrator who has led St. Margaret's at Mercy since 2001. Some of the issues that prevent greater strides forward include the staggering number of people working at low-wage jobs, and the number of households headed by a single parent. Without those programs poverty would be nearly twice what it is now, according to a federal think tank. Only Greece, Chile, Mexico and Turkey were ranked below the United States in dealing with those and other major social issues. And yet, there is no denying that America has at least done some things right, but has much room for growth.

The Game the World Enjoys

Larry Stansberry New Orleans

The game of soccer has seen much of the greatest moments in sports history. Historians of the world that suggests that the game has been traced to as far back as 2500 BC when the Greeks, the Chinese and even Egyptians to play a game involving a ball being kicked by feet around the field. A couple of versions of the game involve the stick to control the ball while being dribbled down the field to be kicked through a goal. There was even a version of the game which did not involve a goal but time of possession. The truest of progressions began around the ninth century in modern Europe when entire towns would play rival towns in the area as a team and kick a pig bladder with the intent of hitting a landmark representing a goal. In England, the game had taken center stage as a major event. At one point before the 16th century, one of the kings of England banned the game because of its tendency to gather drunkards which would result in violence at times. It was seen as reckless behavior in society and it wasn't until the 16th century when another English king realized the game was still being played so there were rules set. The rules of the game have not changed since, but the popularity of the sport is undeniable.

Larry Stansberry New Orleans truly enjoys taking the time to play soccer and enjoy its tradition. He is proud of his four kids that have played the game since childhood in New Orleans.

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