Marwa Mhaer Baby journy

Marwa Maher mother again

ماما مروة وهي حامل

First Day of Yousf

Thursday 24/10/2013

Yousf is sleep in his house after inter his house first time

First Yawn

Dancing espanul

Soma & GeGe visiting Marwa in her house for blessing yousf born

Yousf angry from Marwa because she does not feed him

After one Month

Sleep like angle

Another cute sleep position for Yousf

Nice Pajamas sleepy Yousf

Me and my Daddy sleep

Sleeeeep ZZZZZ

Marwa feed her cute baby

Setting in his lovely chair

Yousf and his big brother playing toghehter

Lovely Pajamas Yousf !

First smile

lying on marwa's bed

Hhhhh Marwa always making you angry
poor yousf

Fitting kiss from mohamed 's friend

Yousf with his middle brothe

Different motion on his face

My favorite picture for Yousf

Look at me i am little gentle man and playing with my rabbit game

Big kiss for you marwa and for yousf wish that you love what i have done

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