North Korea

Pyongyang The Capital Of North Korea

North Korea is thought to be one of the poorest countries in the world with there GDP at 1,800 and there rank in the world at 197 place. They are so very secret about all there work and are not friends with many countries they have a very poor economy and do not have a good life expectancy rate. From the satalite view North Korea is very dark and has little electric and is known to lose power often. Because North Korea is a Communist country the people do not have choice in jobs and are put where ever people are needed even if they are not experienced in that line of work. The population in North Korea is 25,589,122 and the Litteracy rate is thought to be 99% but no-one knows if this is true or not. There official language is Korean and there money source is Wan.

DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)

The DMZ is a border between North and South Korea. It is 150 miles long with guards and land mines lined across both sides of the border making it mostly impossible for people to cross the border without being shot, electrocuted or blown up.  It was established in 1953 after the Korean War when South and North Korean became enemy's.  At last in 2000 they bacame partners again but in year 2003 after North Korea announced the making of Nuclear Weapons they became enemy's and till this day still are.

King Jong-Un

North Korea has a Dictatorship for there government and there economy is Communism. There leader King Jong-Un is looked up to be the greatest person alive and could never make a mistake. The citizens in North Korea pray for him and if they dis obey him they and there family could be killed there also is another option and that is sending them to a concentration camp which is basically a slave yard that works on farms and if you mess up once you could be killed. There is no such thing as cell phones and much technology in North Korea they are all old school and really don't invest in any technology. In there hospitals they have little to no technology and most of there technology is donated by other countries.

Tomb of King Kongmin

The Tomb of King Kongmin is a great place to see if you were ever to go to North Korea. King Kongmin was the 14th century leader of North Korea which is located in Haeson-ri, Kaepung which has a Beautiful temple built for the great leader this is a great sight seeing place in North Korea.

Chanbai Moutains located inbetween North Korea and China is a very Beautiful sight seeing must do. Covered in snow but still warm and beautiful crestless clear water with the sun shining on it will bring tears to your eyes.


Kimchi is a popular modern food that is eaten in North Korea and is a mix of meat, vegetables and fruits. It is for the most part healthy and you get your nutrients from it and that's why many Koreans eat this style of food although it takes time to prepare and is quite pricey.

King il-Sung

King il-Sung was the leader of North Korea before King Jong Un and passed away in 1994 leaving citizens of North Korea devastated. Shortly after the death of King il-Sung passed King Jung Un took power and still is to this day.

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