Jordan's Much Ado Retelling ~ Beatrice

Love? Who cares about that anymore? I think it's ridiculous, I am better off without a man. Benedick thinks about love the same way that I do while Hero and Claudio think love is the best thing in the world. Claudio secretly has a thing for Hero but he is too afraid to tell her how he feels. Don Pedro has decided to dress up like Claudio so he can "woo" Hero at the party! While Don Pedro is talking to Hero, Don John decides to be devious and tell Claudio that Don Pedro loves Hero and is going to tell her how he feels. Don John is such a jerk, I hope that Claudio does not fall for it! Can you believe him? He makes me sick! A couple days later, I was taking a walk in the park when I heard the most obscured thing. Ursula and Hero were talking and I overheard them saying that Benedick loves me. How can this be? Benedick and I have always had a hate type of relationship and we both do not like the idea of love. Later in the week, I heard that Hero was having a affair with Borachio. I can not believe she done this while she is with Claudio. On Hero and Claudio's wedding day, Claudio would not take Hero's hand in marriage. The truth is that Margaret was the one with Borachio, not Hero. Leonato told Claudio that the only way to earn his forgiveness was to marry Hero's cousin since Hero is dead. On the new wedding day, the Bride looked just like Hero. You will never believe this, Hero is alive! This became a happy ending, Claudio and Hero became a married couple and Benedick and I became lovers!

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