iam sa

Public Relations

Seven 'Cs' of Communication


communication starts with the climate of belief.This climate is build by performance on the part of the practioner


a communication programme must square with the realities of it's environment .mechanical media are the only supplementaryto the word and need that take place in daily living.the context must confirm and not contradict the message


the message must have meaning for the receiver .and it must be compatible with his value system it must have relevance for him general people select those items of information which promise them greatest rewards .the content determines the audience


the message must have meaning put in simple tones. words must mean the same thing to the receiver as they do to the sender. complex issues must be compressed in to themes, slogans or stereo type that have simplicity and clarity


communication is an unending process. it requires reception and archive penetration. repetition with variation contributes to both factual and attitude learning. the story must be consistent


those established channels of communication should be used that the receiver uses and respects. creating new ones is difficult. different channels have different effects and serve effectively in different stages


courtesy keeps everybody happy. courteous messages strengthen friendships, build goodwill and gain new friends. courtesy involves consideration in tone of communication. use tact instead of bluntness and avoid expression that irritate, hurt the receiver.

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