Tan Is For Tangerines    Jivonni Johnson

Tangent is the most changing and interesting one too me. Tangent does not really have many options.Tangent is an odd function. In graph on as you can see, there is 5 points on the graph showing 0 or undefined. This graph shows two periods with the range either undefined to 0. The second picture is Y=3tan(x), the amplitude. The amplitude is 3 and the range is the set of all numbers, -3,3). The third picture shows the period shift and it is Y=tan(3x), The bigger the number the closer it is. The range is also the same. The 4th picture shows horizontal shift and the range is the same as well. Y=tan(x-3) and the period is Pi. The 5th picture, Y=3+tan(x), Which shows the vertical shift. The vertical shift is 3 which allows it to move up and down.

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