Community, Culture and Media

I'll provide some links to touch on the three topics: community, culture and media.


What first comes to mind when I think about community is volunteering and joining organizations that you are interested in.

I added a link below to help students find volunteer positions in Edmonton. Possible volunteer positions are volunteering at the hospital, Habit for Humanity, and Big Brothers and Big Sisters. I wish I had heard about this website when I was a high school student because at the time I didn't know what I wanted to do once I went to University.

Why not volunteer at the University of Alberta? Lots of great opportunities and I'm sure you don't have to be a University student to volunteer.

I provided this link below for students who support the LGBTQ community or identity as a gender minority.

There are so many student clubs and organizations at the University of Alberta. I think it's never too early to look into these things while you are in high school. I placed a link below.


Culture is so important. I learned about my culture through my family but there is so much more you can learn from interacting in your community. I provided some links about different cultures:  

Though I posted some very specific ethnic groups as examples, another way to immerse yourself in the variety of cultures Edmonton has to offer would be to visit Heritage days.

Social Media

I compiled some social media links using Symbaloo.