Fishing For ...........
By: Jake murray

Have you ever caught a creature that could swallow your hand or even your head whole. If you want to find out this creature read on.


In this tackk you will learn how to catch this creature.Also spots and bait.Last what to do if you catch it. Also gear Read on to find out.


some bait are like worms and corn but not for this creature. It sound bad but get a small live fish and hook it by the tail and let it go. Another is like fake worms or bugs.


you need a fishing rod, bait,spot to fish and maybe a net.Fishing rod a normal one you can find at you store. Bait a little fish or fake lures. A net to scope up the fish spot will tell later read on to find out.


You take you line and rod and cast it out. Then slowly real in with some jerks. When you get one just don't real in fast let it take line and tire out or your line might snap.


Once you got it on land take the hook out and grab it by the mouth just like the picture. then if it is big keep and mount it. if its small let it go. How to do that let it in the water still hold it by the mouth making it go side to side and up and down until it starts to swim on it own the push it forward and let go and now you caught read on to find out.


so now you have caught a read on to find out alright you now caught a bass and now you have a story to tell and a big bass you have a mount small a story.THANKS FOR READING

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2 years ago

I would say what fish you are talking about in the Introduction. If the picture wasn't there and I had no idea what a bass looked like I would have lost interest. Some of the sentences don't make sense and some words aren't capitalized when they should be.

2 years ago

Vocab too.