Capstone Syllabus Review and Course Expectations.


Upon completion of this course the student will:

  1. Author or co-author a product shared through the web site that explores a driving research question by describing the background of the problem, the need for research in the area, what other's have discovered through related research and their products, and several goals/objectives/research questions that the capstone project will attempt to produce in relation to the question. The final product should include a section relative to the research issues surrounding learning theory, teaching pedagogy and practices and in instructional design.

I started this process with Ramsey in our first class. I feel relatively comfortable with the beginning objective. I would like to see examples of other completed products from other cohorts so I feel more comfortable moving forward toward the final product.

  1. The capstone product must demonstrate a variety of technology applications to learning opportunities as the means to communicate the response to the driving question.

This objective sounds like the most useful for me currently as a classroom teacher. The more technology applications I understand from my Touro classes the more I can use with my students. I also find that my students can critically think past technology obstacles faster than myself. I want to concentrate on using many technology applications and continue helping others in my professional career.

  1. The product will build upon the Initial Analysis of the project and instructional design needs for a capstone project and complete construction of the content.

Our first class with Ramsey helped start our initial analysis of the product. Our last class with Martha looked at the design piece. I see my next steps in tying everything together for a final presentation. I will need continued support to make sure I am on the road to success.

  1. Develop a personal web presence and academic portfolio.

I’m assuming this is our Weebly. Everything I have turned into Edmodo I have also posted in my Weebly web page. Is this what this objective is referring to?

  1. Prepare a research poster of your work for presentation.

I have been using the webpage called Tackk for some assignments that otherwise I would post as a Microsoft windows document. I like this website to use and think there are many more available for us.

Expectations for the course:

    1. I would like opportunities to “check in” during the first couple of minutes of each class to ask questions and clarify next steps.

    2. I would like the final class to be completed by the time winter break starts.

    3. I would enjoy feedback about not only the content of my capstone project but also the design elements.

    4. I would like the continued use of edmodo for assignment turn. I have a difficult time using blackboard.

    5. I would enjoy hearing from my cohorts during class about their success, struggles, etc about working on the capstone project.

Expectations for the Capstone Project

1. I would expect that the capstone project be an authentic piece from my own experience that explores other avenues and possibilities for the future of education.

2. I would expect that my capstone project could be presented to a group of people that could objectively give feedback.

3. I would expect that Napa Learns would see how our capstone ideas could be replicated throughout the district.

4. I would expect that district office directors share their thoughts about each of our capstone project ideas.

5. I would expect Touro University to present our ideas well beyond 2013.

Rubric review:

I am assuming our capstone project is individual. The rubric did mentioned working in teams. Maybe our individual work could be posted on the same cohort web page. Viewers could easily navigate to the one that is pertinent to them.