Carley's Definition

Carley's definition of Courage is to be afraid of something, yet doing it anyways. This has helped her throughout the story. When she had to visit her mom in the rehabilitation center, it had to have take a lot of courage because she was afraid and angry at her mom and still she stuck through it to go and visit her. She had to have been courageous to stay with the Murphys. She was scared to get attached to them or even engage in a simple conversation at first, and even through that she did it anyway, and it happened to be for the best. Toni was a person that she was kind of hesitant to get to know, but the two became best friends in the end. She has made a huge difference in the family's lives, helping when nobody else could.

The Giving Tree

In the book Mrs. Murphy talks about The Giving Tree. In the book the Tree, she says, is supposed to resemble a mother, and the boy her son. The Tree shows unconditional love towards the boy, and assists to his needs. Even as he gets older and needs more from her she gives, and gives even if it might effect her greatly. She might be scared to do something but she does it for him.

Be Someone's Hero

The sign in her room says, Be Someone's Hero. Everything she sees this she thinks about what it means. In a way she has been the Murphy's hero. In more ways than one.

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