Coastal Plains

The Full Package.

By: Maggee Chang & Divine Williams

  International trade, temperate weather, and breathtaking scenery are all found in Georgia's Coastal Plains. From the famous Okefenokee Swamp to the well-known, useful barrier islands, this Georgia region is the full package for families and future booming businesses.


Peaches, Peanuts, and Cotton are important in GA

Businesses go where the money is, correct? Tourism is a great money-maker, and is a major factor in the Coastal Plains for its beautiful environment. It is even called the "Agricultural Heartland" of the state. Because of its warm climate and fertile soil, agriculture is a success in the economy. Georgia's nickname is the "Peach State" and lived up to its name by growing plentiful peaches. However, peaches are not the only crop. Peanuts, poultry, and the never-ending cotton keeps Georgia's farming business running. Although, farming is not the only factor to Georgia's popularity, but so are the businesses that depend on tourism. Resorts, dining, and family-oriented fun live on tourism and its endless possibilites.


Juliette Gordon Low, Jekyll Island, and Fort Frederica National Monument

  Tourism is a big factor in Georgia's economy and has several state attractions to benefit the business more. A major factor in tourism are the scenic places. For example, the barrier islands like Jekyll Island is not only a tourism hotspot, but also lives up to its protective name. Since Georgia is along the coast, natural disasters are frequently caused by strong winds(hurricanes), but weakens when it touches land. The barrier islands protect the state of Georgia beautifully and acts as a tourist attraction. Not just the islands that are amazing, but Savannah, Georgia has a deep history since 1733 and has given a good impression to everyone as well. For the strong girls of tomorrow, Girls Scouts founder Juliette Gordon Low was born in Savannah and now has her birthplace as a tourist hotspot. Also, for the future historians, if there's one place to know about James Ogelthorpe, Georgia's founder, it's Fort Frederica National Monument. This monument, on St. Simons Island, one of the many infamous barrier islands, keeps the archaeological remains of a fort/town intact and was built by James Ogelthorpe himself during the time of 1736 and 1748 to defend the southern border of the British colony of Georgia from Spanish attacks.


The Savannah River

Tourism and successful businesses aren't the only advantages in Georgia. Physical features impact the trade of our state. The physical border that divides South Carolina and Georgia, is the Savannah River. The river starts at the very top of Georgia and flows into the Atlantic Ocean.  On the western border, there is the Chattahoochee River. This river is a major factor the economy and has evolved Georgia into what is now. The river has many purposes like carrying cargo and agriculture, providing hydroelectricity, and provides drinking water to Georgia's people for several generations. International trade puts this river into a valuable asset. Importing and exporting all of the goods of the world, the state's economy is stable and strong.