By Keagan and Amy

How do Hurricanes Form?
Hurricanes form over really warm ocean water. The atmosphere gets cooler the higher you go. Wind is blowing and pushes the cool air upward then the warm air below rises and mixes with the cool air and then the hurricane is formed.

Onshore Damages.
Hurricanes cause many onshore damages such as, ripping down houses and buildings and yanking down power lines. This causes people to be without shelter and electricity. Hurricanes also cause flooding and tropical cyclones can also create tornadoes.

How are hurricanes named?
It started in 1953 the US weather bureau would name the hurricanes after women. Then the naming rights eventually went the World Meteorological Organization which uses different sets of names depending on which side of the world the storm is in.

How are hurricanes classified?
Hurricanes are classified according to wind speed and flooding. The Saffir-Simpson Scale has been used by meteorologists since 1969 to measure hurricanes. Hurricanes are classified by size going from 1-5. With 1 being the lowest and 5 being the worst. On a category 1 hurricane the wind will cause some damage. On a category 5 catastrophic damage will occur.

The Prediction and Tracking of Hurricanes.
Most Hurricanes form during the fall months. The Atlantic hurricane season last from June 1 to November 30. And the eastern pacific hurricane season last from May 15 to November 30.  

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