Hicks English Newsletter

Jakob Schall, Jon Barry, Jacob Carter, and Emily Lown

Since the beginning of the fourth quarter, Ms.Hicks's 1st Block Honors English class has worked on various activities to enhance their English skills. Here are some of the highlights of the past several weeks.

The students have been using Blogger to communicate with other students in Michigan to discuss their novels and social issues used to complete their research project. This is a new and innovative way to communicate with students outside of Mooresville High School.

The students worked in groups of four to create a skit using "AAAWWUBBIS," which aids in complex sentences by providing transition words to consider. The assignment included the taping of the skit by using the sentences seen above. This activity was a huge success and was extremely fun to create.

A recent tech visit from Solutions Tree entailed the video taping of Ms.Hicks's first block class to assist them in writing a book with Mooresville School District's Superintendent.

The class has been reading Acts 1 and 2 of Julius Caesar. Each student chooses the role of a specific character included in the Act and reads aloud while the class follows along. After reading both Acts, the students worked within their table groups to create symbols that resembles each Act.