Tragic Death of the Great Gatsby

New York Times

Gatsby's body lays , after the tragic shooting.

On August 13, 1922 the wealthy Gatsby was found laying dead in his pool at his lavish mansion . Sources say he was allegedly shot one time in the back . George Wilson the husband of his mistress, was also found dead at the scene . Wilson dying of suicide , Sources suspect that Wilson shot and killed Gatsby before taking his own life.
With few knowing the truth about the wealthy Gatsby , there may be more to the story. Gatsby was well educated and carried himself well  . He supposedly inherited wealth, and was a oxford man. Gatsby was well known for his extravagant parties he threw inWest Egg, Long Island. One thing was apparent about Gatsby, he was having an affair with Daisy. He was known to go through extremes to make her happy, witness Nick added , "Gatsby was in love with Daisy", and the day before the murder occurred they met with Tom to speak about the love Daisy has for Gatsby ". Nick seemed to be the closet person to Gatsby at the time so reporters had numerous questions for him but he would not give details regarding the situation. Detectives met with multiple witnesses and concluded that Daisy, Tom, Nick, and Jordan all met at Gatsby's on August 12, 1922.

Gatsby wanted them to gather here so he can finally have Daisy to himself.  He pressured Daisy to tell Tom how she really never loved him. Tom treated Daisy with little respect up until this point, but he made it clear that he was still in love with her and would do anything to make their love work with tempers rising Tom explains how Gatsby really isn't who she thinks he is. He claims Gatsby did not inherit wealth and how he got his wealth through selling illegal alcohol . He was not an oxford man and how he has been living a lie his whole life. While all this was being said Gatsby was bursting with anger , with every word Tom said he grew more insane until he couldn't take it anymore. Gatsby grabbed Tom and exclaimed, "Shut up just Shut up". This startled everyone in the room, no one had every seen the well mannered Gatsby lose his temper like he did. At that moment he had lost everything he had with Daisy . She told Tom she was ready to go home, Tom told her to ride with Gatsby and that he would take Jordan and Nick. Gatsby still infuriated hopped in his yellow 1932 Duesenberg, with his love by his side they took off. On the way to their destination witnesses claim  the yellow car sped through the Valley of Ashes, Myrtle ran out thinking it was Tom. He was not able to stop in time, the car struck Myrtle where she was killed instantly. The car fled from the scene never stopping unti Gatsby and Daisy arrived home. The word spread fast that there was an accident the others were not far behind rode through the crime scene where they stopped. Tom who was having a relationship with Myrtle was emotional at the scene but denied knowing her.. He talked with her husband telling him that Gatsby was the driver of the car and that something had to be done. After paying their respect they left the scene as well. Nick arrived at Gatsby's later that night to let him know the severity of what he had done. He found Gatsby hiding behind the bushes and let Nick know he was not the one driving the car. Nick let's him know that he needs to leave but Gatsby would not leave without Daisy. That night Nick stayed the night , Gatsby told him the truth about his life . August 13, 1922, Nick left that morning for work he told Gatsby to give him a call when Daisy calls him or if anything goes wrong. He never got a call that day . Soon after Nick left Gatsby took a swim by himself , while doing so he was also waiting for his call from Daisy. The phone rang , as it rang Gatsby started to climb out the pool George Wilson appeared behind him and shot him once in his back . He then turned the gun to himself and took his own life.
Gatsby lived the life of an American dream. He chased his love daisy , to his death.  

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