Alliteration by Emma and Kaitlyn

Alliteration can be stressful....

Alliteration is the occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words. This means that alliteration is a sentence with the same sound at the beginning of most words in the sentence. Alliteration is the literary device used for tongue twisters.

Game & Activity-

Example: My majestic monkey served mayonnaise  

Here are our stories that use alliteration

Herman's Hillbilly Horses

Herman brought hay for some horses at

Hillbilly Horse Farm one morning.

Herman's horrible, humiliated horses hated Herman

so bad that they hurled Herman across

the horizon of Hillbilly Horse Farm.

Herman hurt his head and had to go to

the Holy Hospital.

Herman's head healed and he got to go back to

Hillbilly Horse Farm.

At Hillbilly Horse Farm, Herman's horses

hollered at Herman to say hello.

Herman was riding his favorite hillbilly

horse, Halusafur.

He happened upon a hillbilly girl named Holly.

He had a hankering for her and they lived happily

ever after on a high hill with his hillbilly horses.

Terrific tigers try to be tremendous in the tunnel. One tiger went out of the tunnel to the store to get some tangerines and to the trees to get some of the tomatoes. Then the tigers saw a tank that had been left in the jungle that was filled with tarantulas. They were dancing tiger teachers because the tigers did well at their times tables. When they turned in the tags, they got a tigger token. Tomorrow the tigers are supposed to have a date with Tinker.

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