My 7th Grade Experience

Top Ten

10. Science

     Science was fun with my classmates. We would mess around and crack jokes but still managed to gets A's. I believe that made me more responsible than before.

9. Gym

     I am proud of my performance in gym, i became such a great athlete by exercising, i feel that my heart rate is better than ever. We would go up to the fitness center where fitness occurred daily in a central spot where we would learn new exercises to make us more active.

8. Art

     For some amazing reason Mrs. Sietz thought i was a good artist when i really was so bad at art but it goes to show that putting in effort makes you a star at everything. I had fun with my friends in art but event though we weren't all the best artists we still put in the time and the effort.

7. Thanksgiving break

     I didn't go anywhere for thanksgiving, but it sure was fun watching people get trampled going into Walmart. I didn't go anywhere but i had fun just staying home and doing nothing but staying home.

6. Social Studies

     Social studies was maybe one of my best classes this year because my dad crams tons of history down my throat every day. But not even my skill with the class was the best part, Mr. Barr is really funny and if I could I would have him again as a teacher.

5. Hela

    Hela was super fun and relaxed for the most part but it was really fun making jokes with my classmates we did a ton of others and read a ton but still had fun. WE did a lot of projects as well like we did our own radio dramas that we needed to make

4. Camp

     Camp was great to do something different with all our friends from school. We did loads of activities and had a ton of fun taking a break from schoolwork. You would do things like creek walk and camo games that perfectly made camp

3. Winter Break

Winter break was fun because of the holidays and family, but we also started baseball for the season we are in now.

2. Spring Break

    For spring break my family went Florida and had a blast. We saw our grandmother on Sanibel island and we went to the beach fished and did tons of other fun things.

1. Baseball

    Baseball is great, it is my favotive sport to play and I am happy I will get to play it with all friends this summer.

About Hela:

In Hela you will have a great time with your friends. You will do projects like the book trailer IRP, where you get to make your own video based on a book you read for a presentation and you have freedom to make the video how you want to. You also will do the Face morpho where you have a face divided by someone who is fake and real. You get to express the idea however you like. Then you also do the Anthem challenges where you spend a whole class doing challenges to make it feel like you are in anthem.

About other classes:

In other classes you also do fun things. Like in science you will do a ton of experiments like making your own weather station and recording weather data. You will also do other experiments. In social studies you will do projects having to do with the Roman Empire. You will also do things like go to camp. Camp is a ton of fun where you get to be with all of your friends for a week and get a break from schoolwork.

Survival Guide

     In 7th grade you are expected to have matured and if you haven't you can do what I do, slap on some butter and slip through Without getting noticed. But If your not like me you can follow these tips

1. Particapate

     No one likes the sound of particapation but it counts as a big grade in social studies whether you like it or not.

2. Be good

     Do not get on the teacher bad sides, it will be more fun for you and them and you won't be a stressed.

3. Dont get caught on your phone

     This always applies but sometimes you forgot to do that blog posting and you need to do before class.

4. Stay with your friends

     Get in trouble with them, do stupid stuff with them, screw around with them, but still get good grades by screwing around.

5. Get good grades

     Prepare yourself for high school by getting good grades

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