Exploring the New World!

There are explorers out there waiting to be number one, but there is nobody when it comes to I, Explorer Surya Shanmugaselvam.

Bonjour your majesty, I am choosing to go on a heroic expedition to the New World, and I am going to leave in 1521.  I am from the country of France, and I am also asking France to fund me.

I will trade for animal furs, I will claim land for you, and spread our religious beliefs to the natives of the New World.  I will conquer with success as you sip your coffee in strength.  You will be happy, and joyful as I map out every piece of land.

You will get everything you wish from the New Lands waiting to be explored.

I will go to the eastern part of the New World because I am sure there will be resources, riches for you, and plenty of land to claim.  My settlement will also be near the sea, so who knows what we will find along the ocean area.  I will also go in search for delicious food choices for your most wanted citizens of France.  I will also look for sturdy resources to create new technology.  I will handle conflict all right.  I will need enough ammunition to startle the conflicts, and I will need men that are experienced in military offense/defense.  I will need a sturdy ship in case of battle, and strong tools to force the natives out of territory if they attempt to attack.  For obstacles I expect to encounter storms, so I need a sturdy ship.  I also think that starvation and disease might be a problem, so I will need men with good wellness.  I need a lot of supplies, so food, medicine, and water doesn’t run out.  Don't worry your majesty, I am a strong explorer of great pride. 

England is one country competing to claim land, and resources. Well, I can slip right through the competition, and claim land for you!

The Spanish, and the Dutch are two other competitors competing for claim of land and resources, but that doesn't mean that those countries are ahead of us, because I will help France come into high end competition.  Those other countries are looking for almost the same things we are looking for, so we are good with the competition!

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