Out of My Mind

by Will B. &Will I.


 In the book Out of My Mind Melody has cerebral palsy. She can't talk or walk, but she has a photographic memory. Melody is smart and people don't see it because she is disabled. She is also humorous because it said that her mother is fat and cracks up jokes.     

Cerebral Palsy

      Do u know what cp is? In the book out of my mind melody brooks has cerebral palsy or cp for short there are 3 types of cerebral palsy.

 Cerebral palsy is a disability that you get as as a child and disables arms and legs. People with cerebral palsy usually have a wheelchair or crutches sometimes they have braces. Sometimes cerebral palsy can be mild of server.

 There  are three types of cerebral palsy spastic, ataxic athetoid. Athetoid disables the control of arms, legs, and talking ability. It all depends on how much brain works.  

There  are a lot of people cerebral palsy Anna MC. Donald that had cereal palsy when she was a writer. Stephen Hopkins had cerebral palsy when he was governor of Rhode Island.


Point of View

The book is in first person because it said (then she saw me), (i couldn't wait) ,and (i love the color).  


Miss. V house has a chair in the corner and a T.V in the opposite corner ,also has a ramp for melody. The school and her house are other settings she is at a lot. At the school she made friends. The worst is Mr. Dimming hated Melody because she is the smartest in the grade. The home where Melody lives and she got a dog at home.  


Don't give up during hard times because Melody was left at the airport by her best friend didn't bother to call her and her sister was ran over by a car and could not tell her mother that she ran out of the house bhind the car. Mr. Dimming also didn't like Melody.


Melody Brooks is 11 years old and wasn't treated fair or equal. She didn't like she was accepted by her classmates. Her goldfish jump out of the bowl and her mother thought she killed the fish on purpose. Melody said that mother smelled different and was warmer. Penny was born and melody didn't want penny to have cerebral palsy. Melody made a friend named Rose. Melody got a medi-talker and finally got a voice.

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