Freedom Fighters

We Fight for Freedom and Freedom Fights for us!

The Flag Of Mobius

Fire: Our Hearts will go on and never die out
Blue: There is peace on our territory.
Red: The anger of Mobius against Lorule.
Black: The People who sacrificed themselves for their family in Mobius.

The Constitution of The Freedom Fighters

Constitution of The Freedom Fighters
ARTICLE I Name Mobius
ARTICLE II Purpose is to provide Protection, Freedom and a new life to live and love in.To live the life they want live in, never let down a fight, and have the freedom to live.The Freedom Fighters Fort.
ARTICLE III To have the rights to be in Mobius. To have the feeling of being free. To fight with The Freedom Fighters.
ARTICLE IV We will have a leader that would be in charge of this government and that would make sure that its well protected and a good country for citizens to live in. This would be a rebellion government. This country would fight for what we believe in. A leader would be elected by votes from the citizens. We will have an army to fight for this country and protect all of our citizens so that they can have the freedom they would like.
ARTICLE V The government would encourage people to live in peace. The freedom of will to our citizens. To get an education. The citizens must be respectful to other fellow citizens.
ARTICLE VI Some laws that we would have would be that children will get a free education until the end of high school, drugs of all kind would be illegal, no excessive violence, people don’t have to pay for taxes, all men and women must have equal rights, People will have all the freedom they would like, no one shall ever torture someone else in any kind of way, No one can get married under the age of 18, every citizen that drives must have a certified license with them, Citizens would not be able to drink under the age 20.
ARTICLE VII This country would have an education system that the citizens would need to pay for in order to go to the universities or colleges that they would like to attend. If the citizens would not like to get an education then they would be forced to get a stable job that they would be able to live off.
ARTICLE VIII The Symbol will be the fire. The fire means our hearts will go on and never die out, the blue means the peace on our territory, the red means the anger we have on our people against Lorule, the black means the people who sacrificed their lives for the people in Mobius.
ARTICLE IX The figurehead of this constitution would be the leader that actually leads this country and makes decisions that are best for our citizens. The name of this figurehead would be The figurehead of this constitution will be the leader of this country. It would be his duty to run this constitution and Protect the people of Mobius

Our Leader

He founded our freedom and now it is our turn to continue his legacy. He wanted us to be free, and feel that we are free and we will continue to be free because of him he was our freedom. Mobius is a peaceful land filled with freedom and Lorule felt like it was an imprisonment, when we escaped with him we felt like no other than being free. People sacrificed their live even our leader sacrificed himself but he came back with a few people than before, then a battle came our fearless leader died that day, they won the battle but not the war. People in Mobius called the people who fights against Lorule The Freedom Fighters because they fought for the freedom of Mobius. A new leader came in but kept Mobius in peace and only gives orders to The Freedom Fighters. We will never forget our first leader who got us to Mobius Our new leader never worked as hard as our first leader.The flag of Mobius has a fire meaning our hearts will never burn out, the means the peace in our land, red means the rage we have in us, and the black means the people who sacrificed themselves for Mobius. Our first leader was named Freid, he didn’t care about anybody else but his people in Mobius being free. Our leader today is named Brad he also cared about the safety of our, but didn’t fight like Freid did. New and new people start to come in from Lorule afraid of being caught, but instead were free than enslaved. Population started to grow in Mobius, so we needed more land for the people to live in. Our leader Freid would’ve done the same.

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