What were the top three worst concentration camps ever?

If you don't know what a concentration is it's a large camp that killed off Jews and other prisoners. The Nazis would take the Jews from their ghettos (poor town) and put them in these camps. The camps were one of the worst things ever made in history because they wiped out almost all of the Jews.

3) Ebensee

Made on November 1819 Ebensee was labeled as one of the most diabolic concentration camps ever. The point of the camp was to get prisoners (Jews) and make them dig tunnels for the armament works, these were a place were the Nazis would keep their guns. The Jews would wake up at 4:30 AM and work and dig until 6:00 PM. Jews had to work in cold Austrian weather which killed a large number of the Jews quickly. Some Jews were buried in mass graves after they died and because there wasn't a crematory in Ebensee yet the bodies were taken to a crematory somewhere else. When a large number of Jews started coming into the camp the tunnels an the camps started to reek a smell of death, sickness, phlegmon, urine, faeces and on top of all that the tunnels were crowded and it soon got hot in their which probably made the smell 10 times worse.

2) Treblinka

This camp was created in mid 1942 to keep prisoners and Jews the camps purpose was to murder them. People who went into Treblinka usually died within 2 hours. The camp would also work the Jews to death by making them work in the gravel pits. The camp started having things go bad and problems started to show up. The camp leader Eberl could not handle the camp because of all the problems, so a new leader Franz Stangl was put in charge and he solved all of the camps problems. The new leader increased the number of deaths by 1000 people a day. Franz was brutal, he would tell the Jews that if they paid money they could take a shower and he would take them to the gas chambers. He stopped this because he thought he wasn't killing the Prisoners fast enough. Franz said during his trial Treblinka could kill 15000 prisoners within 14 hours.

1) Auschwits-Birkenau

Auschwitz was made of 3 different camps. Birkenau (the 2nd camp) was established as an extermination camp on October 18, 1941 and Monowitz (the 3rd camp) was established on May 31, 1942, it was a work camp. The people would enter the camp and go through a form of selection. the Nazis would chose who was good enough to work and who should be taken to the gas chambers. If you survived that you would go into the work camp and they would work you to death. Eventually you would have to go through another selection, if you were still good enough you lived to work some more and the cycle went on and on. Women and children usually couldn't work so they were killed as soon as they arrived but not all. Auschwitz was also ere the notorious doctor Mengele, he did so many experiments that most of them seemed like torture to the Jews. The book Night tells about a boy named Eliezer Wiesel who went into Auschwitz and lived, he is one of the few.


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