The Fault in Our Stars

At the bottom of the front cover where it says, "You laugh, you cry, and then you come back for more," could not have been more true. However, I was not fond of this book. It left me angry and wanting more at the ending. Nothing is worse than reading a book that doesn't end. Just like Hazel and Gus struggle with An Imperial Affliction not ending, I struggled with this novel not ending.

To get some background, we'll go over the main characters.

Hazel Grace

Hazel is a sixteen year old who is battling cancer in her lungs and thyroid. Her cancer incurable, but she is able to stretch out her life by the use of a drug called Phalanxifor. It helps keep down the fluid build up in her lungs. Anyway, because she has been sick since she was thirteen, she had been pulled out of school, gotten her GED, and is taking college classes. Because cancer patients often suffer with depression, Hazel's parents insist that she attend Support Group. It's at Support Group where she meets Augustus Waters and begins her descent into love.


Augustus is still in high school. He suffers from Osteosarcoma, a cancer that attacks the bones. It often causes those who are infected with it to lose a limb. In Gus's case, he lost one of his legs. However, only having one leg didn't take away from his ego or self worth. Before his diagnosis, Gus was a star basketball player, but it's kind of hard to continue to be one after cancer has taken one of your legs. After the removal of his leg, Gus was deemed cancer free. To show the world that he's not done living, he often holds an unlit cigarette in mouth so show the universe that he's not going to let it have the power to take away his life even though it's capable of doing so.

Back to the plot

Hazel and Gus are quite different, yet one in the same. Their differences are what brings them together, and though Hazel fears that she is a grenade (once she dies, she will hurt everyone who loved her), she and Gus can't help but fall in love. It's actually the book An Imperial Affliction that brings them so close. Their love for the book and desire to know how it truly ends sends them to Amsterdam on Gus's wish from the Make a Wish Foundation. Once they arrive in Amsterdam it becomes clear that they will not get the answers they are searching for from the author. It also becomes apparent that they are in love with each other. However (***SPOILER ALERT***) when they're in Amsterdam Gus tells Hazel that he has had a PET scan and the results showed that his entire body is cancer ridden.

Once this part in the book came, even though I hated it, I cried. The idea of the book was a good one, but I felt as though there was so much unneeded crap in there and the ending wasn't what I wanted it to be. However, it was ironic because Hazel and Gus searched throughout the entire story for the ending to An Imperial Affliction and they never found the ending; this book too, has no ending.

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