Name: Chinese charater for water

According to, water is one of the five elements of Chinese philosophy, along with wood, fire, earth, and metal. Water is viewed as a life source, which likely stems from its importance in the natural world and for sustaining life. China’s east coast contain 9,000 miles of shoreline and its home to two of the world’s six largest rivers, the Yangtze, which is the third largest, and the Yellow, which is the 6th.

This is Confucius. He's the founder of Confucianism. he believed that older people should set examples for younger people.
In confucianism there is the elder brother and the younger brother. the older brother takes care and protects the younger brother. t

Name: "Double Happiness"

According to, this symbol is commonly used in Confucianism as well as in Chinese religious culture. It features the same Chinese character side-by-side and is used to express a variety of things such as marriage

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