Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

A. Kwiatkowski

Telephone 1876

Alexander Graham Bell

Inventor of the Telephone

The telephone had a HUGE impact on the world we know today.  6.8 billion people in the world use a mobile phone as of 2013. Still to this day we have not seen the full potential telephone companies have for us.

The Typewriter 1873

Christopher Latham Sholes

Inventor of Typewriter

This invention allowed for easy writing and a faster way to write.  Today the typewriter impacted computer because a keyboard on it has similar to that of a typewriter. It was also easier to read if the person had sloppy or bad handwriting.

Light Bulb 1879

Thomas Edison

Inventor of the Lightbulb

The lightbulb is very important for many reasons.  One of the reasons is that if we didn't have lightbulbs we would still be using wax candles which don't last as long as a lightbulb.  Lightbulbs are used almost everywhere throughout the world to provide long lasting light to many people.

Phonograph 1877

Inventor of Phonograph

Thomas Edison

The Phonograph is important because it is the base of what is now the radio you have in your home or in your car. The phonograph allowed you to hear a singer without having to be at the concert. It also allowed people to preserve their favorite song or songs of a famous artist.

The Automobile (Gasoline Powered) 1893

Inventors of the Automobile

Frank and Charles Duryea

The automobile has had an enormous impact on the lives we live today.  The automobile made travel very easy compared to horseback or walking. Without the automobile we wouldn't have as many highways, roads, and overpasses that we have today.  We also wouldn't have many of the sports car we know about.

Seismograph 1880

John Milne

Inventor of Seismograph

The seismograph was invented to determine ground movement in the Earth's crust. The seismograph is mainly used to tell if an earthquake is about to happen. They are also used to figure out the earthquakes number on the Richter Scale.

Periodic Table of Elements 1865

Dmitri Mendeleyev

Inventor of Periodic Table of Elements

The periodic table is used in many high school science classes today. It is used to tell an elements atomic number which is the number of protons and electrons.  It is also used to figure out an elements no such as gold which is Au on the periodic table.

The Battery 1870

Leo Hendrik Baekeland

Inventor of The Battery

The battery was invented for purpose of mobile electricity.  Most of the objects we use today use batteries such as a tv remote or a controller for a game system.  Without batteries we wouldn't have a lot of useful items today that have had huge contributions to the world from as little to a hand power drill to a car.

Hand Held Camera 1888

George Eastman

Inventor of the Hand Held Camera

The Hand Held camera aloud for easy picture taking on the go instead of having to lug around one of those big tripod cameras. It made it easy to capture a remarkable moment almost instantly instead of having to set up one of those big cameras. The Handle Held camera also brought many new and great ideas into the world of cameras.

The First Plane to take flight 1903

Wilbur and Orville Wright

Inventors of the first Plane to take flight

The Plane was a whole new way to travel that few people sought after.  The plane was create to get from long distance point A to long distance point B in very little time.  The plane also made over seas travel safer and a lot quicker than by boat or sub. But the plane did have have negative impacts on the world because it aloud countries to carry nuclear bombs and such to foreign countries they were at war with.

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