Spring "Air Attack"

Regst fee only $70.00 sign up on 01/27/2014

We are very excited to announce that we will be participating in Charlotte's first ever youth Air Attack/ Flag 7 on 7 league. This is a non contact football experience. Greater Charlotte Air Attack is unique in the fact that it involves limited practice time (1 day per week) and still allows kids to participate in other spring sports (baseball, basketball,etc.) while being able to continue building your football skills as we prepare for our drive to Nationals in 2014! All games will be played in evenings. The age groups for Air Attack are as follows: 6 under 5 on 5 flag 10 player max, 8 under 5 on 5 flag. 10 player max, 10 under 7 on 7 flag. 14 player max, 12 under 7 on 7. 14 player max, 14 under 7 on 7. 14 player max. Age cutoff date is 3/1/14.

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