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Stylist: “Are you going on holiday this year?”

You: “Yes I have actually booked to go to Greece late May”

Stylist: “Oh John and I went there last summer, we found a lovely little Taverna with serves the best seafood I have ever eaten. They catch it fresh off the coast, there are pictures of the fishermen and the largest fish they caught decorating the wall’s”

After hearing the hairdresser’s delightful story you decide to see if the real thing lives up to it’s description and tap the name into a search engine image search and press return, it is a little out the way from where you are staying and don’t want a wasted journey. Apart from a low resolution picture of the front of the building taken in 1998, when the restaurant’s website was deemed bleeding edge and animated sparkles where still mildly accepted, you are no better informed.

There lies the problem. Unless you are visiting a major city, location or landmark there is still very little visual evidence on-line of many of the places that make a holiday special, they remain dormant on the hard drives or filed in the albums of holiday makers that took them.

So we have set ourselves a challenge. Let’s solve this problem by asking all our friends and travelers worldwide to compile all their memento’s, pictures and memories and gather them in one location for all to see. That place will be:

Come join us......

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