By Alexander

Hi! My name is Ethan. On the weekend Ethan played a Soccer game against Bunyip.

Pakenham vs Bunyip was about to start on Sunday at Bunyips home ground Pakenham takes a shot but Bunyips Goalkeeper saved it. Bunyip took there first shot and Bunyip scored in the bottom right corner 1-0 Pakenham scores 1-1 Bunyip misses. Then both teams scored again half time whistle blew. Bunyip kicked off. Bunyip scores again but Pakenham didn’t give up within 10 minutes to go. Hey look at that! Are Pakenham going to score? But Ethan gets tackled inside of the box it’s a penalty! Ethan stepped up to take it. He takes it he scored! Then full time whistle blew. What a close game! They were tied 3-3.

After that game it was so close 3-3 both teams were really tierd ethan had fun.

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