A 30 Second Time-Out!

So, we have a new car/truck. We have knighted him NITRO, The Nissan.  He is a beefed up Nissan Pathfinder with a Turbo charged Diesel engine. HAR, HAR, HAR, HAR..... This is my second diesel vehicle in Panama but my first Turbo charged. For the non-gear heads like myself, a turbo diesel simply gives Nitro more power while lessening those nasty diesel fumes while improving fuel efficiency. In short, its a beast with really good gas mileage. Saying that, I am learning that the Turbo fan of said diesel engine is a finicky thing as well as an expensive item to replace. It needs to cool down after every usage by letting the truck run for a few seconds. Soooooooo, here in Panama, they put after-market timers on them that allow the turbo to cool down for 30 seconds at the end of each drive. When I turn off my car...by turn off, I mean, switch the key to off and completely remove my key, get out of the truck, it's still running! For a whole 30 seconds...It just runs. Strangest thing I have ever seen. It just sits there and puuuurrrrs at me; mocking me with the knowledge that my American self just cannot sit around patiently for a whole 30 seconds. I am an important guy with important things I need to do...(at least that is what my inside voice says to me.) What's that you ask? Why don't I just lock the door and simply walk away? Not so fast my friend. The doors do not lock during these infamous 30 seconds for my own perceived "protection" against locking my keys inside a running car. It's only running because I CANNOT stop it. No sir! I do not want said protection! I want to lock my door and be done with thee!!!!!! So, I just sit there or stand and just watch and listen as the engine rumbles and that little timer beeps down from 30 to 0. I try to look normal as people walk pass me and wonder why this giant Gringo just stands there looking sadly at his car.

Even Janet has turned against me. I turned off the truck the other day and started to jump out and she said "Where you going big fella? We got a whole 30 seconds." It's a conspiracy I tell you. They are all out to get me! .........

But alas, it's not them, it's really me. I  do need to be more patient, more present in each moment. I need to be free of my American culture that screams at me that I need to moving every minute of every day. I need to quit buying into the idea that activity is action and action is purpose. I need to be more grounded, more present in every moment of every day. Tomorrow will take care of itself. If my life is so busy that a 30 second quiet time is just too much, then I am probably doing it wrong. Psalms 46:10 says ...Be still, and know that I am God.... Many times, I fall short of both parts of this verse; the "Be still" part and "Know" part! So I am challenging myself to 30 second timeout each time a turn off my car. I will spend that 30 seconds being still and renewing my mind with the knowledge that My God is a powerful God and he loves me. The Creator of this world loves me! He Loves Me! That, my friends, is 30 seconds well spent!

Maybe you need a timeout as well? Want to join me? Pick an activity you find yourself repeating throughout any given day and simply take a 30 second timeout.

....What will you do with your 30 second timeout?

...PS Please excuse any typos and grammatical mistakes. I just did not have the time to fix them. (See what I did there?)

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Good job Aaron

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Thank you!