King Henry the Eighth

This is a photo of young Henry. He was athletic, charming, and charismatic.

This is Henry toward the end of his life. He has grown fat, paranoid, and impatient.

This is Catherine of Aragon. She and Henry were married for nearly 24 years before Henry saw fit to divorce her. He asked the pope for an annulment on the grounds that she had consummated her marriage with King Arthur (Henry's brother) before he had died. It was the death of Arthur that gave him the crown.

This is Mary Tudor, Henry's first daughter (of Catherine). She would later rule England

This is Anne Boleyn. She is famous for prompting Henry to divorce his wife and break with the Catholic church, thus starting the English Reformation.

This is the only child of Anne Boleyn. She would eventually rule and turn the country into Protestant.

This is Jane Seymour. The only woman who would give Henry a son. She and Prince Edward died very quickly, though. They were only around as Henry's family for a few years. (Naturally Illnesses)

This is Prince Edward who never ruled England.

Anne of Cleves was a duchess whose marriage to Henry was short lived. They divorced due to a lack of love in the marriage. She and Henry remained friends, and she outlived all of his other wives.

This is Catherine Howard. She was 19 when she married Henry. This union lasted only two years before she was beheaded for adultery (she was not a virgin when she wed, and had an affair during her marriage).

The last wife of Henry, Catherine Parr. She would outlive him.

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