"Monorail Transport"


My Chapter 1 Project represents how a school Monorail will improve and help students get to school faster, safer, and also help individuals financially. This project will result in finding The Central Tendency, Variation, and also Standard Deviation.

This photo gives evidence of a survey of the people who's transportation is either bus, car, and or both. This photo shows how often the individual travels on the bus, car, and or both. Also, last but not least this chart shows evidence on how satisfied the potential customer is when traveling too and from school.

This particular activity would be considered a convenience sample.

In this photo you can see that I used the central tendency to find the mean, median, and mode of the data above. Also, you can see that I used variance (variation) to found the square root of the mean.

This particular photo shows what people's major problem is when they are traveling on bus, car, and or both. Of course, satisfaction would answer what there problem would be. My written description informs people how the school monorail would make a huge impact on a student's regular life that goes to school.

In the first "survey" you will see the potential customers I surveyed, the price they thought was appropriate for a yearly school monorail, and what they would prefer to have on the school monorail. The second photo shows a box and whisker chart and how my data differentiates; from 45(min) to 100(max). Finally, the third photo shows a histogram chart. As you can see, the data on this graph is skewed to the left, there for this not a normal distribution.

In the end I believe this product should be used.

The School Monorail in everyday life would be a great success. This particular machinery can help a lot of individuals that struggle with transportation too and from school each and everyday.

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