The Far West

The English were trying to settle on the east coast but the Spanish were already settled in Santa fa. That was the first seed of government in what now is the United States. The Spanish sent many explorers to the south to find land and when they found land they started to spread Christianity to all the Native Americas. They started to build monasteries and by 1630 they had  over 3000 Spanish troops and 50 monasteries in new mexico. The priests wanted to move into the west but the natives did not accept their religion which really upset the Spanish. While in the late 1700's,  the United States had their independence, the Spanish were colonizing the state of California. There was a big difference between the Spanish priests and the American priests.  The american priests had a very pure character but the Spanish priest were they were very hostile towards strangers they did not except people the didn't  know. The monasteries bottled wine which sold a lot of money, one bottle would sell for as much as 100 dollars. When the natives declined the Spanish offer to convert, they made them work on farms to grow grapes which were used to create the wine they sold to make a profit for the church. The priests really thought that it was a good idea for natives to work. They thought it will cleanse their souls. The Spanish did not give the natives medicine which then lead to diseases. The native population dropped from 70,000 to 18,000 during 50 years of church rule. When Mexico won their independence from Spain in 1821 California became a lot like the south and their plantations. when this happened their were a lot more different kind of houses houses you can tell if Mexicans lived there. the white people did not consider Mexicans to be slaves because you cant buy or sell them they had to stay on their land for generations. if slaves  escape they will be hunted and shot but with Mexicans if they escape they also will be hunted down. when the white men came to California they started to build hide and tallow factories and they also started to build permanent outpost in California. as word spread out of the lush land more and more white men came to California to make a living for them and their family. when mexico took over it even attracted more Americans. when the Americans found gold in 1848 it attracted even more people prices was rising because of the amount of people. by 1870 most of California was american replacing the Mexican population because of the gold rush. but some of the Hispanic really did not want to leave.

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