The Power of Music

Music affects me and my family quite a bit, because the importance of music applies specifically to both sides of my family. The influence of music for me mostly comes from my father, this is because my father is guitarist. He would always be listening and playing a verity of genres of music, and me always listening, learned to appreciate all forms of music. Because of this music from then on bonded to my personality, and life, as I ran around the house with my toy golf club, imitating the guitar licks of a recording of Eric Clapton. Me myself today, now have tought myself to play three instruments, and for some reason am able to excel at those instruments, twice as fast as normal. In terms of culture and special events, with out the existence of music, the world would just not be the same. Music has inspired so much in this world, it triggers emotions, it inspires people to do more, it makes things more enjoyable, it influences people's actions. It can helps to relax us, and it can excite us, as well as get us more motivated to be social with the people around them. Obviously music is very powerful, and without it, I can't even imagine what the world be like.

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3 years ago

I love this image of you air-guitaring on toy golf club, Julian! How lucky to have a guitarist in the house. (Be careful of run-on sentences there at the end.)