Career Research Project

Matt Henry - Architect

Necessary Job Skills

  • Design talent
  • Engineering ability
  • Social awareness
  • Business aptitude
  • Legal knowledge

Education Requirements

     A two to four year degree in architecture. And other schooling in area such as business, legal, design, engineering and social. The other schooling can be two to four years.

College I Have Chosen.

     Michigan State University. It has all of the class I need to take. Its not crazy expensive. It is in the mid-west and not far from home. It has a hockey team and I enjoy watching hockey so that is a plus. MSU is the perfect college for me for what I want to do. For the past 4 to 5 years I have wanted to go to MSU just because of a hockey game I watched. I just enjoyed the team and the fans and I just thought it was a great environment.

      As far as cost, it is not crazy expensive. I could pay for it. Like I said it is not way far away form home. It is not like I am going half way across the country for college. I would be in the same region as my family. It has all of the schooling I would need in order to become an architect. It has multiple class in the field that I have chosen, as far as bachelors to a masters degree.

Words to live by

It is better to be a leader and be alone, then it is to be a follower of fools. - My Dad

    My dad has been saying this quote to me my whole life. It teaches me to think for my self and not to go do something with someone who I think is wrong. I was very young when my dad told me this. He probably told me this after I did something stupid. These words motivate me to do what I know is right even if I have to be by my self. They help e to make smarter decisions when I need to. If I do what I know is right as a leader then I will have a better chance later on at a better work place or to hold a higher position.

My role model

    My father has always been a role model for me. For as long as I can remember I have looked up to my dad. He has always been there for me and he always knows just what to say. Without his help and his guidance I feel like I might be a completely different person. 

    My dad is a very intelligent person. He is also very disciplined in everything he does. I have learned some of these qualities just by being around him my whole life. But, the one thing I would say that I have learned most from my dad is to be a listener. At times it may not seem like it, but when I feel I need to be, I am a great listener. Without my dad I would be a hole different person. I am very lucky to have my dad in my life and without him I feel I would be lost.


    Being an architect is not only interesting but it is also challenging. It is very cool job to one day have your own building. The author talks about this when saying " The first and foremost aspect of this profession is translating the ideas generated by the clients into reality. It is making their dreams come true"(Pakhare 1). Being an architect is a cool job. Not only is it challenging but it is also fun. You get to design, draw, construct, and manage a project that ends up in your own building on the horizon. I would think that everyone would want their own building on the horizon.