The Greek World

By Lachlan Himstedt

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece had a warm, dry climate. Most people lived by farming, fishing and trade, some were soldiers. Other Greeks were scholars, scientists or artists.

Many Greeks were poor. Life was hard because farmland, water and timber for buildings were very scarce. That is why many Greeks sailed off to find new lands to settle.

The Trojan War

Trojans lived in the city of Troy, which is now better know as Turkey.

The Trojan War began when Paris, the Prince of Troy, ran away with Helen, the wife of King Menelaus of Sparta. The Greeks sent a fleet of ships, with an army, to get her back. The war lasted for 10 years. In single combat, the greatest Greek warrior, Achilles, killed the Trojan leader Hector.But Achilles was shot in the achilles tendon by Paris with a bow and arrow. In the end the Greeks won, by a clever trick using a wooden horse.

The Wooden Horse

The Wooden horse was a smart trick played by the Greeks to fool the Trojans. First they pretended to sail away, but left behind a giant wooden horse. Inside the horse, Greek soldiers were hiding. Rejoicing that the Greeks had gone, the Trojans dragged the horse into their city. They thought it was a gift.

That night the Greek ships returned. While the Trojans were asleep, the hidden Greeks climbed out of the wooden horse. They opened the city gates, and let in the Greek army. Troy was destroyed. The Trojan War was over.

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