| life begins when you own a bicycle |

...seeing & living reality on a bicycle in the PLATTELAND of the North-West Province with a blunt question asking myself "Is it too much to ask to go for a ride?" then of course I answer myself back without thinking twice.

| this is me, feeling like a 12 year old kid when I'm on my bike... |

To get to the title and the question why 12 years old. Well let's start off with my first memory of having my First Bike.

| Most of us got our first bike from our parents. And my first memory of my first bike was a Yellow BMX with white tyres (I'll go look for a picture in our old family albums and upload it). I don't recall much happy days on the bike as it was stolen from our yard. I never went to go put away my bike and lock it up as my dad said the night before, and suffered the loss of a stolen bike on a early Sunday morning just before church. I was devastated. |

| Between then and when I was round about 11 or 12 years old, I remember my parents giving me and my brother each a new mountain bike for some or other reason. I can tell you one thing, we didn't get those bikes because we were obedient. We were a hand full. |

| First day me and my brother had the bikes, we had a crash right in front of our house. Till today we blame each other and pointing fingers to who's fault it was. So damn cross with each other 'cause now our new bikes are scratched and we are bruised. I can only laugh at that day. Hooligans we were ! |

Now to get to the 12 year old on a bike I mentioned...

| I still remember till today how me and my brother and some friends would get up early in school holidays to get on our bikes and travel wherever we could. This being done barefoot, no backpack with something to eat or drink. Then we wondered into the streets and roads for kilometres and hours away from home. I can't even recall that we were ever tired or sore from these trips we did. Today, riding for 2 hours can be tiring and driving you to the edge talking to yourself asking "what was I thinking?". Then I remember those days when I was 12 years old when nothing in the world could stop us from getting on or off those bikes. |

| Today I ride my bike, thinking back on those days of when the only obstacle and worry was a flat tyre. Now trying to find the balance between a day job and the MUST to go out and ride my bike, can be challenging. I can say I'm fortunate to do what I enjoy even if it is with a very cheap bike, and that distracts me from the exhausted daily turmoil we all live in. Riding out in the open air gives a meaning to what we have and what is out there to explore and just for a reality check that "this is what is out there", nature. |

| I always wondered what is my purpose, and I still don't know other than to enjoy what I do and being out on the road riding my cheap bike. I would for one stand in front of the line in my next life to get a spot to be a multi-millionaire so I can just ride my bike for a living and drink coffee. But then again, there are people today living that dream and doing it as a day job. Beats the 9 to 5 office hours doesn't it? So I think my answer to the question is, to "keep on keepin' on" as Joe Dirt would say. And with that being said, ill ride my bike and keep feeling 12 years old. |

| Life begins when you own a bicycle... |

Passing this Cross on a farmers land and I doubt many noticed this.
...not much sleep, woke up tired and this race was blood sweat and tears man!

..."pour your heart and soul into everything you do, and you will find, anything is possible" - anonymous.

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