The Chicago Fire

What Did We Learn From This Event?

Some places in the world are still burning down and people are still losing their homes because of fires.I don't really know what I can do but I do feel bad for these people and I think that the lesson in this event is that people are working hard to prevent fires but while there are still people losing their homes so appreciate what you have and try to be more aware of fires to help people keep their homes.

When did the people start rebuilding the town and when did they finish?

The fire started on 1871, Oct 8. And the people of the town started rebuilding the town in 1871,Oct 12 and finish rebuilding 1885 wow it took them that long to build it and I really feel sorry for the people that had to put out the fire and the people that had to rebuild the town.

How Did This Event Impact Our Lives?

today we have fire extinguishers and fire trucks and smoke detectors and even know we have all these things doesn't mean people don't loose their homes from fires .And some people have to live with friends and family.

What Was It Like To Have Their Whole City Burned Down?

*If there was any shelter the woman and children would probably be the ones staying in the shelter                                                                                                                   *Every one had to be outside no matter what weather                                                            *Spread more diseases,Died from natural causes,Less clean food and water

the people leaving Chicago after the fire started.

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2 years ago

I think another piece of evidence you could of had was, how the fire started and maybe how many people died.

2 years ago

I don't understand when the fire started. I read the headings and there wasn't anything about the fire starting.

2 years ago

How many people died?